4 Reasons to contact your property manager

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Whether you are a seasoned renter or new to renting, it may not always be clear the reasons or when you should contact your property manager about your tenancy or the property. 

For the most part, you won’t need to contact your agent on many occasions and when you do need to, they will usually have a process in place for how to contact them and time frames around responses. 

Some of the reasons that you may need to contact your property manager may include the following.

Repairs and maintenance

During the course of your tenancy, there will be repairs and maintenance that may be needed at the property. This may be anything from a leaking tap to an oven element not working or a burst hot water system. 

The urgency and time frame required will depend on the type of repair that needs to be completed and its use. As an example, a burst hot water system or flexi hose under the sink requires urgent repair, while a loose door handle is non-urgent. 

All repairs must be reported in writing and at the start of your tenancy, you will be provided with information on how to report the repair either through a portal or via email to your property manager. You will then be able to easily follow up on the progress online.

Rental methods and payments

Your property manager understands that life happens, and you may have challenges with your rental payments. If this does occur, it is important to contact your property manager immediately and advise them. They can then make notes in the system and update the Owner of the property.

If you do not contact your property manager and fall into arrears, they will often send text and email messages as well as call you to find out when payments will be made. It is always beneficial to be open to communication and explain and they can assist in planning for your rent payments.

Alterations to the property

There are legislative requirements around what alterations can be carried out to a property and before you begin installing tv brackets or painting walls, it is important that you contact your property manager to be aware of your obligations as a renter.

If permission is required, they will ask you to put in writing your plans for minor alterations and seek authority from the Owner. This will ensure that both the Owner and you are compliant with the required legislation.

If you do make alterations, be aware that you are responsible for any repairs needed when you vacate the property if damage occurs.

Vacating the property

When you decide to vacate the property, it is important to be aware of the required notice periods and that any notice must be in writing and taken from the day that the property manager receives it. 

Usually, an email is sufficient for notice to be given and if you are unsure of how much notice you must give, contact our property management team and they can advise the correct notice period. They will then send you confirmation of the notice received as well as information in the lead-up to the vacate including any rent owing and how to get your bond back.

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