Can I style my rental home?

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When you are renting it may seem that there are a limited number of options for you when it comes to making the property feel like home. 

While there are legislation and guidelines in your tenancy legislation around alterations to the property, you can discuss minor improvements with your property manager before making any changes that may impact your bond in the future.

If you aren’t approved for minor improvements, there are many affordable decorating options to freshen up the property and make it home.

Wall coverings and decorations

Many companies will now print stick-on wall decals and these vinyl stickers come in many different prints and designs depending on the theme that you are after. It is important to look for those using a good quality adhesive that won’t damage current paintwork and that are easy to remove when you vacate.

You could also look at wall hangings and while the Owner may not approve hooks nailed into the wall, there are many styles of adhesive hook options that can hang your favourite piece. 

Be mindful that should any of these options damage the paintwork, you will be responsible for the repair work when you vacate.

Should you be concerned about sticking items to walls, there are lots of affordable shelving options that can display your artwork and decorator items to brighten up and personalise your space.

Layer with rugs and soft furnishings

To brighten up floor coverings and cover well-loved areas, a statement rug is a perfect piece to add warmth and colour to a space. They will also provide insulation during cooler months, especially on tiled areas and floors and are easy to clean and maintain.

Soft furnishings like cushions and throws are a great addition to add a pop of colour to a room on lounges, chairs and bedroom spaces and bring your personality and create a welcoming home.

Adopt a plant baby

In recent years, houseplants have become coveted items among many. They provide some great benefits including cleaning the air and potentially removing toxins and they can revitalise a space.

There are a number of options including smaller plants on windowsills, ledges or shelves and keep in mind that if you do have plants on the floor, ensure that there is a protective cover underneath the pot as any damage to the floors from the soil or water will be at your cost to rectify. 

Invest in clever storage

There are some excellent storage solutions that are available, especially if you are living in smaller spaces where storage may be limited. Look for items like tv cabinets and buffets for extra space or sofas, ottomans and side tables that offer hideaway options.

If you are not sure about what you might be able to improve in your home, speak to our qualified property managers who will be happy to explain your rights and obligations.

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