Creating green space while you rent

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When you are renting it may seem like your options are limited when it comes to gardening or creating your own green space in a rental property. While you can’t make larger changes to the landscaping of the property without the Owners permission, there are alternatives to introduce gardens in your outdoor living space.

Pots and containers

There are great varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowering plants that can be happily maintained in pots and containers. The beauty of these pots and containers is their versatility in that they can move with you when you transition between homes. 

There are many different options available in pots and containers and talk to your local nursery or hardware store about the best plant species that will work with your lifestyle and in your space.

Raised garden beds

Planter boxes are the perfect option for vegetables, herbs and fruit that are raised off the ground to create edible gardens in smaller spaces. For larger gardens check requirements with your property manager and the owner.

Be mindful of the area where you are placing the raised beds, especially with water runoff or any fertilisers as some surfaces can absorb materials from the garden and have the potential to stain. 

Vertical spaces

If there is no possibility of ground plants or raised garden beds, consider looking up. There could be the opportunity to install hanging plants or investigate vertical spaces and trellises that give an alternative green environment.

Your hardware store or nursery can also provide suggestions of shelving that can accommodate pots and vertical planting choices to provide you with the opportunity to create a green space that you, your family, and guests will love to hang out in.

Indoor plants

In recent years, indoor plants have become a popular option with an abundance of varieties and care advice to ensure that you are encouraging a healthy indoor environment. 

Should you choose to invest the time and resources in indoor plants, make sure that you have the correct coverings underneath all pots to prevent damage to carpet, tiles or hardwood flooring. If there are damages to the flooring, you will be responsible for the costs to rectify any damages.

Community gardens

If indoor or outdoor plants are not an option in your home, you could investigate joining a local community garden. They are an excellent way to meet some of the local community and be involved in creating a communal green space.

Remember that if there are existing lawns and gardens at the property, you will also be responsible for maintaining these. If you are not sure about your requirements or would like to install more garden space contact our property management team who can assist.

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