Don’t forget the first impression in your property sale

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When looking to sell there is often a focus on the interior of the property and any inclusions, layout and features that will appeal to potential buyers. You may concentrate on any repairs or improvements in these areas, however, it is also important to focus on the first impression of the home that a potential buyer has, the exterior.

Tidy up a tired facade

The type of exterior of your home will have different requirements for its maintenance. Pressure washing facades to remove the build-up of dirt, dust and cobwebs can be an affordable way of freshening the outside of the property. 

Cleaning windows, glass sliding doors and exteriors while pressure washing paths and driveways for oil stains and marks can also make the property shine.

Check those gutters and down pipes for the build-up of leaves and debris and clean to ensure that there are no blockages, hazards, or chances for water to flow back into the roof. 

Paint and decorate

For painted exteriors including walls, eaves, gutters, and window frames, take a view from the street and assess if a coat of paint or varnish will increase the street appeal. Tired and peeling paint won’t create the best first impression for potential purchasers and this is one area that could help with increasing your sale price.

Look at other decorator items such as light fittings, window coverings and outdoor furnishings. These items, while they may seem like little details, can help increase the street appeal.

Gardening and landscaping

Ensure that lawns and gardens are well maintained and are likely to attract buyers. Is it a property that needs low-maintenance yards and gardens, or do you need to get a professional in to help trim hedges, tidy lawns, and plant new shrubs, flowers, or other plants. 

You may also choose to employ a gardener throughout the sale to keep on top of the lawns and gardens as these are areas that can get away quickly, especially in times of rain and warmer weather.

Pools and surrounds

Before showing potential buyers through the property, ensure that any pools are compliant and in good repair. A green pool isn’t appealing to any buyer, and it is beneficial to engage in pool maintenance throughout the campaign. 

A maintenance company will also alert you to any problems or areas of non-compliance and can work with you on the necessary repairs.

If you aren’t sure of which areas to look at or focus on to maximise your sale price, talk to our experienced sales agents who can provide advice and recommend trades that can prepare the property exterior prior to sale.

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