Interior scents for all home zones

Our home is our sanctuary — and its comfort level depends on many elements. 

Aromatherapy is one such area that many forget to include. But its benefits are all-encompassing and therapeutic.

Working with natural fragrance helps to maximise our time spent inside and out.

Scent is a powerful sense that fuels physical and mental wellbeing. 

Not only do the fragrances we keep in our home tell a story about how we live, but they can also change how we think and feel.

Sweet dreams

To begin your interior aromatherapy journey, head firstly to the bedroom. 

Adding, changing or simply removing the fragrance in your boudoir can completely alter the way you relax, sleep and wake up. 

Bring natural – or naturally based – fragrances into the bedroom; and confine jarring or vigorous fragrances to other rooms, where they can be of more therapeutic benefit.

There are scents to help you relax or sleep, scents that energise you and others that induce a sensual mood – all of which are ideal for the bedroom.

Candles, burners and incense that are imbued with lavender, rose and jasmine are perfect for the bedroom, as these fragrances are full of organic essential oils that are designed to induce a sense of calm and reduce stress.


It is important to ensure that your home smells inviting, but not overwhelming to the senses. 

There’s nothing worse than walking into a place and feeling like you’ve been hit in the face with any kind of fragrance (desirable or otherwise).

Burning lavender, cucumber and sage in the front of the house opens the space up and helps to brighten the surroundings. Your visitors are bound to agree.

Open to deeper scents

You can get away with a lot in open-plan areas, such as the kitchen and living spaces – anything goes, depending on your olfactory preference. 

Many are drawn to deeper scents for the lounge room and frequently burn tea candles redolent of lime, basil and mandarin.

Similarly, lychee and black tea candles are ideal for unwinding after a long day. 

Mandarin notes are particularly good for providing an energy boost that’s designed to see you through to the end of the night.

Kitchen whiz

In the kitchen, feel free to go big. 

Many people gravitate towards gourmand scents that emulate enticing kitchen aromas. 

Vanilla- and caramel-based fragrances stimulate cravings for desserts, which is perfect if you’re entertaining. 

Candles and burners with notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate also fill the room with sweetly tempting scents. 

However, if you’re not one for foodie fragrances, the subtlety and freshness of Japanese cherry blossom or oak, moss and amber add a refined aroma. 

As kitchens tend to be a gathering place within a home, these fragrance types will suit just about everyone. 

To help eliminate everyday cooking odours, fragrances including bergamot and basil are recommended, as they will leave your kitchen feeling fresh in minutes.

Home office magic

Lastly, the office area should feature fragrances that aid feelings of energy and focus.

Essential oils and fragrance oils are ideal for work areas, especially those including notes of citrus (lemongrass, grapefruit and mandarin, in particular).

(Source: Tanda Modern)

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