Nailing your rental application: Tips to get approved

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To stand out among the competition and secure your dream rental property, it’s important to have an organised and fully complete rental application. Here are some tips to make your application process more efficient and effective so you’re ready for your next rental property inspection.

Be organised with your paperwork

Start by getting all your documents in order before attending any property inspections. This includes bank statements, employment letters, and references. Notify your references in advance that they may be contacted. Being organised beforehand saves time and prevents someone else from getting the property you want.

Be thorough in filling out the rental application

Fill in your rental application thoroughly and correctly. Ensure that all the information you provide is accurate and detailed, especially about your employment, to show rental providers and property managers that you are financially stable. This makes the sorting process easier and increases your chances of your application being considered.

Be personal by including a cover letter

Include a cover letter to add a personal touch to your application. Use this opportunity to explain why you would be the ideal person to live in the property. Additionally, when inspecting a property, introduce yourself to the agent to establish a personal connection and gain useful insights. Finding out the answer to the questions you might have will help with your future application.

Be prompt and apply ASAP

Apply for a property as soon as possible once you’ve found the one you like. Waiting too long can result in losing the property to other applicants. Ensure that your finances are in order, and inform your current rental provider of your intention to move out as soon as possible.

Be smart and start searching off-peak season

Generally, January tends to be a very busy time for people searching for rental properties. Competition is high so take advantage of the off-season to find a property. Instead of waiting for the peak rental seasons, start searching as soon as you’re ready. This can help you avoid the competition and secure a better deal. For instance, if you want to rent near the beach, start searching before the warmer months.

Final words

Being proactive and getting ahead of the game with your rental property search and application can improve your chances of success. To increase your chances even more, get in touch with our property management team and find out how you can quickly and easily apply for your next rental property.

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