Tips for your winter open home

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Inclement weather can sometimes put a dampener on the number of people who may come through your open home and when it comes to your winter homes, as with any season, you want to show off your property in the best possible light.

The winter months are a great opportunity to show how warm and cosy the property can be during the winter months, during the cooler weather when people will want to hibernate and spend time indoors.

Present your home in the best light

The winter months bring shorter days, which can lead to interiors appearing darker, especially in many different lights. Consider the colour of the walls in your home and the soft furnishings, do they show an air of light and warmth, or something a bit dark and dreary.

Even if you don’t paint the walls, look at how the property is styled. Your agent can help you with professionals who will assist with real estate styling suitable for your property that will appeal to potential buyers.

Where there are breaks on rainy days, take advantage of good weather to make sure the gardens, landscaping and lawns are presentable and where possible, allow for natural light to flow through the home.

Prepare for wet weather

During winter, it is inevitable that there will be rainy days. You can prepare your home for days when these elements and potential buyers might wreak havoc on the property. It is wise to continue with your open homes throughout the rainy days as this can often be when serious buyers will be out looking.

Ensure that there is somewhere for storage of wet weather gear like umbrellas, boots or coats, or an area for people to dry off rather than walking wet and muddy feet and clothing through your home. Plastic sheeting at the front door, that can be purchased from the hardware store is a great option to protect flooring and it can be gathered up easily after the inspection.

Open as many blinds as possible to let natural light through and turn on lights as well as heaters to warm the property up before and during the inspection and give it a homely feel.

Agents will often recommend using candles and music through the open home to make the property feel like home.

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