What to expect when listing your home for sale

Listing your property for sale was once as simple as a few steps of meeting with the local agent, popping up a ‘for sale sign in the front yard and writing a modest ad for print in the local newspaper. While the outcome itself in the current real estate market isn’t too dissimilar, the process of listing your home has added some extra steps along the way.

The Marketing Strategy

Your sales agent will advise you of the best marketing strategy for your property. Depending on factors such as your demographic or location, the best strategy may be the traditional “for sale” sign and newspaper ad as the leading features in the campaign. The agent may also plan for a full marketing schedule that covers all aspects of online advertising on the real estate websites and includes professional photography and videography and potentially styling and virtual furnishings. 

Your agent may also discuss a social media campaign with you that suits the property, to highlight the home online and improve its reach to a new pool of potential purchasers.

Be prepared for the sale

Before you are ready to list your property for sale, it is important to prepare it for the best street appeal to prospective purchasers. Great presentation of the property is key to assisting with maximising the final sale price. 

View the property from the eyes of a potential purchaser and look around the property to identify areas that may need improvements or touch-ups. Your listing agent will usually also talk with you about areas that may require repair or improvement to assist with getting the best price for your home. 

Be adaptable to change

A good real estate agent will keep you updated with feedback from prospective purchasers who have viewed the property either online or from the open for inspections that they will hold. They will also provide advice on areas of the property or of the marketing strategy that may need attention, including adjustments to price and how the property is being advertised. 

In a changing market, it is important to be aware that the market may move and be informed can assist with adjusting expectations to fit with the final outcome of the sale.

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