Why build smarter communities

The creation of smarter communities ensures longevity and sustainability for its developments and lifestyle benefits for its residents. 

Smarter Communities are essentially managed by industry experts in the fields of technology, sustainability practices, infrastructural development and individual/family wellbeing. Together, these elements enhance community cohesion. 

To build a smarter community is to adopt a big-picture outlook; melding affordability with investor/owner/renter appeal, state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly applications and design and interior trends that inspire a biophilic quality. As such, developers in the sector of smarter communities quite simply create happier residents.

What is a smarter community?

A smarter community is a united vision in the delivery of intelligent solutions to create a better lifestyle for people living and investing in those communities.

One leading light is the aptly named Smarter Communities, a strata and community management firm with more than 40 years of experience. The company is driven by customer-centricity and innovation in developing communities within the properties under its care.

The recent appointment of Chief Executive Officer Sunitha Alexander, previously Head of Growth, Marketing and Innovation at Smarter Communities, furthers the company’s overriding objectives and draws on her wealth of industry experience at top-tier real estate corporations in the United States, Canada and Australia.

To date, Ms Alexander has been instrumental in helping Smarter Communities secure new business worth $10 billion in deal value.

This includes up to 4,500 communities that take advantage of the strata management and insurance, as well as the development and facility management services on offer.

Examples of smarter communities

Whether large or small, the essence of a smarter community is one whereby a successful hybrid of residential, commercial and community-focused features and amenities coexist

The smartest communities are diverse and extensive, covering small-to-medium residential and commercial blocks including townhouses and villas, shop lots and hotels, to large mixed-use high rises.

Development and marketing opportunities

Opportunities abound for developers and real estate agents to embrace the challenges of building and marketing smarter communities. 

Investing in a smarter community is at the forefront of long-term change for all industry proponents.

If created to exact standards and marketed within an affordable price range, the sustainability focus and lifestyle benefits of properties within smarter communities invariably sell themselves.

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